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Sew Inspired Part 2

My niece, Lauryn Ruth, turned one on July 1...Happy Birthday Warm Pillow. Due to family travels, her party is not until the 19th of July. So, me being the impatient one, I could not wait until then to give Lauryn her gift. We saw my twin sister and family this weekend at my dad's family reunion, so I gave it to her then. Sakira had been on Ebay like a mad woman, trying to order a pillowcase dress for Lauryn to wear at her party...I fixed that problem, and made her one instead. I purchased some fabric to use about four weeks ago from a local store, but decided that it was too heavy. I ended up using a lightweight cotton that I purchased at Jo-Ann's when Mary and Mel were in town (another post to come). I am so happy with how it turned out! I tried some new things, like a contrast seem at the armholes...TOO cute!

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Feeling a Little Black Lately

Hey blog world! I must warn you that the title to this post is a direct reflection of its contents. I have really been feeling the effects of being black lately. I knew some eight years ago when I started to do real estate development, that this was historically a career path for white men, who worked into their rich old age. At the time, I was young, vibrant and up for the challenge. As I approach my mid-thirties, I am growing weary of the game. I am tired of the reluctant handshakes and forced conversations, the condescending attitudes and the stares. Does it not matter that I have been blessed with a talent to do the job placed in front of me. It is not everyday that folks are called in to man a $95 million development budget while keeping folks on schedule, in line and on time...not easy work and definitely not for the faint at heart. I wonder if I should not be able to do that since I am black because it always seems to amaze my white counterparts. Oh well...just needed to get that off of my chest, because it has me a little down lately.

In His love...Nakira


Sew Inspired

Thanks to inspiration from Mary, Mel, and my dear twin sister, I created my first article of clothing tonight...a pillowcase dress for Kayden. I have been sewing for about six years now, but it was always pillows and curtains for my house.

The dress is supposed to be super easy because you make it using a standard pillowcase, but of course I did not find one that was just perfect for my LO. So, I created a "pillowcase", using some fabric and ribbon that I purchased at Jo-Ann's today. I bought the pattern on last night from Etsy and it was sent to me via e-mail this morning. I was so happy with how it turned out that I decided to make some matching bows. Looks like I may now have a new hobby.

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In His love...Nakira


Going, Going, Gone....

Just a small indication of my dear Kayden's personality. Pay close attention to the bottom of each photo.




In His love...Nakira



This post comes after a visit to Gymboree at lunch last Thursday and I have to ask...don't people discipline their children anymore? Their is no way that I will EVER leave a store because of Kayden misbehaving. I will whisk her off to the nearest bathroom for a come to Jesus meeting and some laying on of hands in the biblical sense (Proverbs 13:24) . And then we will continue our shopping trip. I just do not ever want to be want of those parents that feel like they have no control over their children or what their children do.
Disclaimer: I am not talking about outright beating, but about a pop on the hand or bottom. I do not want folks to call DSS on me.

I really believe that children crave discipline just like adults do...very similar to our relationship with our heavenly father. I think that discipline gives a child balance, serves as a means for independence for the child and brings peace to the overall household.

Balance: Children need to learn that things will not always go as they would like for them to...just as it occurs in our adult life. Allowing a child the chance to do whatever he/she wants without any form of consequences sets them up for failure as they grow older. I can only speak for myself, but I want to give Kayden a fair chance at life which means letting her see the hard time realities as appropriate. This is not always easy, but necessary and no one ever promised me that parenting would be.

Independence: Once a toddler/child understands that there is a consequence for EVERY action, whether being obedient or disobedient, they learn to make better choices. If my child hits me whenever if or she is angry and never receives discipline, then he/she will grow to think that this is a normal behavior. The child may never find other ways to deal with anger besides hitting. Yes, this may be an extreme situation, but it is an easy one that drives the point home.

Peace in the Home: As the mother of a 15 month old, I need all of the peace in my home that I can get. Having Kayden disciplined helps the three of us to get a lot of it. Ken and I are not focused constantly on dealing with the disobedient behaviors of a child, but rather quick correction and learning from our correction is part of Kayden's everyday life. And don't think that we do not learn lessons in our disciplining of Kayden because it causes us to examine our character and behaviors as well to make sure that those "learned" traits are not ones that she has picked up from us.

I am sure that this message may rub some folks the wrong way, but as a Christian mother and wife, I want the Lord to be pleased with all that I do in and out of my home. Disciplining Kayden is one way that we feel that we are honoring the gift that he has entrusted to us. Kayden is not ours...she belongs to the Lord...we have been charged to raise her. I would love to hear comments from fellow parents (parents-to-be).

In His love...Nakira

The Magical Patent Leather Shoes

Over a year ago, on the weekend that Kayden's birthmother revoked, we spent some time returning some items to the store that we purchased for her while in Las Vegas, as we anticipated her arrival. The funny thing, now that I look back, is that we only returned two items and decided to keep the rest. Well, like most women, I also did some additional shopping. Although she may have not been ours, I just knew that God was going to bless us with a daughter in his own time. So, I go into Rack Room and they have these cute little black patent leather shoes on sale for $10 in a size 5. I had no idea at what age she would wear a size 5, but they were too cute and too cheap to leave in the store.

Fast forward to Sabbath, May 4th. Kayden is dressed in a cute "preppy" little girlie outfit complete with pink grosgrain bows and ric rac to match. I put on her white mary jane's and frilly white socks to match. As I was pulling her hair bow out of the closet, I noticed the box...yes, the box of black patent leather shoes. She was already dressed and ready to go, so the perfect opportunity to try them on, since she is now in a size...yes you guessed it...5. They were so cute on her feet and I mentally prepared to pick out something to go with them for next week's service. I pull them off and put the white shoes back on. I step away for a second and when I returned, the white shoes were on the floor and she was frantically trying to get the black ones back on. I could see that this was going to be a no winning battle for me, so why even fight.

So, instead of the cute green dress, she ended up wearing a cream and peach number given to us as a gift. I have to admit, I was never VERY fond of the number, but she looked like such a big girl in it...you be the judge.



Easy Gift for Grand(Mother's) Day

I wanted to send photos of Kayden to her grandmothers for Mother's Day since all of them live out of town. I had my heart set on something easy...a ready to go book from Hallmark, but unfortunately, all of the slots for photos were landscape oriented and all but about three of my photos were portrait oriented.

Plan B - I purchased these cheap little albums at Target for $2 each. I removed the cover inserts and create a cover for them. I then added the photos and added some basic 4X6 scrapbook pages. I finished it off by punching two holes through the center spine and adding a wide ribbon bow. I am REALLY happy with how they turned out.

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Supermom...no more

I fractured my pinky toe on yesterday. And yes, I do have crutches and I do have to wear that ugly shoe. This is killing me becasue I have to now slow down! Please keep me in prayer so that I do not go crazy. The average mother/woman would love to be waited on, but this is killing me!!! In His love...Nakira